Property Tax Lawsuit

Tax Lawsuit In The News:

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It is clear to me that Prince Georges County elected officials set in motion a conspiracy to circumvent the will of the voters in reference to Trim. Bottom line Trim says that the county must submit a tax increase to the voters for approval by referendum. (Read it for yourself here.)

In the 2012 legislative session Senate Bill 848 chapter 6 of 2012 education was passed.

In 2015 Prince Georges County Executive Rushrn Baker proposed a budget tax increase of 15%  for the  2016 budget but voters were outraged. They join together across party lines — Republicans , Democrats and independents — to successfully oppose this blatant disregard for the taxpayer. I believe this was an intended bait and switch believing voters would forget that these tax increases, as stated in the charter, are required to be approved by voters as a referendum question during the next election. True to form in disrespecting the taxpayer, the county did not follow the TRIM provision of our county charter.

James K Wass of Riverdale and I filed a lawsuit in the matter of Fred Price, et al v. Prince George's County, MD  et al (CAE 16-37806  in the Circuit Court of Prince Georges County). On January 23, 2018, Judge Herman C Dawson in the Prince George’s County Circuit Court of Maryland filed his order in favor of the County. Jim and others have filed a appeal to the Court of special appeals of Maryland, in Annapolis .

Judge Dawson ruled that indeed it was a tax increase  and that the county had permission from the state (Senate Bill 848/chapter 6 of 2012) to raise taxes without submitting them to charter referendum .

I believe this type of disrespect of what the voters of the Prince George County voted for year after year must end. Before elected officials decide to increase property taxes, let them follow the charter and put it on the ballot as a referendum question. 

Masters Miller and Baker and the puppets that represent Prince Georges County in the General Assembly have set a precedent.  We need to know before the 2018 election if candidates running for office in Prince George’s County will respect the Voters.

Mike Miller and Rushern Baker are not our fathers who know best. 

Trust the voters and do the right thing.

-- Fred Price, Plaintiff Price v. Prince George’s County

Prince George's County Republican Party