Prince George’s County Day of Action with Governor Hogan

Join us for the Prince George's County Day of Action at Hogan Headquarters!

The event is FREE and allows you to join our grassroots effort in re-electing Governor Larry Hogan and his allies!

Our team will be on hand to walk you through our unified campaign strategy and show you how to become a part of our ground game. During our Statewide Day of Action, you will learn the best ways to engage with voters and how to use our cutting edge voter contact technology to identify, persuade, and turnout Hogan supporters right here in Prince George's County.

We will be putting our newly learned skills to work that day by canvassing locally, and the Governor himself will be there to greet door-knockers coming back in from the field!


Please RSVP using eventbrite link:


If you have any questions direct them to Sydney Milner at [email protected] or (410) 490-9274.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Prince George's County Republican Party