PG GOP Organizational Building Workshop

The Organization-Building Workshop teaches you how to make a measurable difference in your local elections and governance, as well as building your organization and activating more long-term leaders.

Ideal attendees for this workshop are activists, candidates, campaign staff, or organization leaders, including student or advocacy groups. Whether your involvement is full time, volunteer, or just getting started, you will enhance your organizing skills to be able to recruit, retain, and mobilize supporters at the local and state level.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Recruit and Retain Campaign Volunteers or Organization Members
• Build Coalitions and Lists of Contacts, Donors, Supporters, Petition Signatures, etc.
• Activate Contacts to Get and Stay Involved
• Connect New Members on Social Media and in Person
• Organize Data with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
• Nurture Relationships in the long term
• Host and Recruit for a Public Event

Come learn, network, and build your organization! Lunch is included in your registration.

Register here:

Prince George's County Republican Party