Interested In Running For Office?

Have you ever considered running for office but not sure where to begin?

The Prince George's County Republican Party, in coordination with the Maryland Republican Party, can help provide you the resources to get started on your campaign for elected office. 

If you hare interested in potentially becoming a candidate during the 2018 elections, please contact us TODAY. The deadline for candidates to file is February 27, 2018. 

We are seeking registered Republicans to step up and run for one of the many elected offices on the 2018 ballot: 

  • State Senate
  • State Delegate
  • School Board
  • County Executive
  • County Council 

In 2014, Republicans across Maryland were successful in picking up two (2) additional State Senate seats, seven (7) additional State Delegate seats, and of course the Governor and Lt. Governor seats. In 2018, we can be successful in Prince George's County but we need your help! Contact us today to get started on your campaign! 



Prince George's County Republican Party